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Vol. I Awakening is the first award-winning book in the series, “Embrace the World with Love Words, and the World will be Changed. Many of you have been walking with me on this crazy, wonderful, challenging, magnificent journey with Sacajawea. We have been shown a multitude of glorious things along the way, words that lift us, “Light” that shines for us in the darkness and blessings, sometimes mystical, that overflow across the path!

This is the motivation for “AWAKENING,” in hardcover and paperback editions, meant to be read in a quiet time alone or with people you care about. Give it to someone you love who needs a lift, or who is going through a difficult time… or share it with a stranger, for you never know what people are searching for! ~ Jane L. Fitzpatrick


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And, from the movie production of
Sacajawea, The Windcatcher, a display book series.


Project Collectible Book –

Vol. I – The Path This beautiful concept autographed book, is the first in a series of books that follow the epic production of Sacajawea, The Windcatcher, a feature film.

This paperback or hardcover book is about the windcatcher, Sacajawea, and how she came to our world with the force of a whirlwind…

She moved through time and space, over mighty rivers and magnificent mountains, determined to reach the Great Water with her prayers. She is a spirit who is driven to share her message of love.

This book is a collection of artworks by notable concept artist, Marcia K. Moore, with words and photography by Jane L. Fitzpatrick. Autographed by either Ms. Moore or Ms. Fitzpatrick.



Purchase autographed copies PAPERBACK or HARDCOVER at: SPIRITWIND.SHOP