Crabtree and the Lost Children of Borealonon is a fantasy, mystery, adventure about a brother and sister who are called to walk into the darkness TO BE the light. It is about making the right choices in life, it is about writing your own Chapters, it is about loving unconditionally to help others.

Twelve-year-old Sam and his sister, Mel, have just moved to a backward, mountain town. No Internet, no cell service, no computer games and nowhere to go. Their artist dad has inherited a dilapidated farmhouse from his uncle. Unknown to them, they’ve also inherited a 20-year-old curse that has devastated the town for generations. Sam and Mel are the keys to unlocking the mystery, but there are no guarantees they’ll see their way through the darkness. Even the “NOW” can be stuck in time.

“Borealonon was like entering another dimension – where cave writings told stories of mysterious worlds and darkness confused our minds… until we saw a glowing light from above cascading down, dancing through crystals in the rock walls.” ~ Sam

Oranias was not bound
By the thoughts of man,
She wore her crown above.
Her wind was Strength,
Her rain was Truth…
Oranias, the Goddess of Love.

~ Jane L. Fitzpatrick


The Grass Maiden, Sacajawea presents an important message for life. Many of us have heard of Sacajawea, but most do not know what she experienced as a child. It is time for Sacajawea to share her wisdom and her love with each of us, young and old. Girls or boys, with a minimum 3rd-grade vocabulary, will be inspired while reading this story.  And younger ages will enjoy being read to, as well.

“I can read Sacajawea’s story all by myself. I love the pictures my mom, sister and nana drew.”  ~Luke (10-year-old)

The Grass Maiden, Sacajawea, is based on a true Shoshone story and inspired by the journals of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Author, Jane L. Fitzpatrick, has been a writer for over 30 years. Her daughters, Jerah and Shawna Fitzpatrick, and granddaughter, Faith Halseth, have used their incredible artistic abilities to bring the words to visual life. They have worked for many years to share the story of Sacajawea. This publication has been created through their devotion and their own personal Journey of Discovery.

“We believe this book will help children embrace their inner Peace and Love, to create a world of Light and Unity through Sacajawea’s spiritual truths.” ~ Jane L. Fitzpatrick

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Kimama’s Wings is a timeless story that shines a light on the hurtful effects of judgment and racism, and also on the power of faith. A young African American girl, Victoria, is devastated at the loss of her father. The tragedy forces her and her Japanese mother and sister, to move to an unfamiliar place. A place where those who are supposed to love her do not accept her diverse family. But a Native American spirit guide, Kimama, helps them all see something else. Kimama’s Wings is about learning to live life in a spiritual way, by becoming aware of one’s greater purpose and the Oneness of all Creation.

Kimama’s Wings, a novel by Jane L. Fitzpatrick, scheduled to be available in 2020, on Amazon!




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