Prayers for an Awakening

“Awakening” is the first Award-Winning book in the series: Embrace the World with Love Words, and the World will be Changed!

I believe in the power of prayer. I believe we have everything we need to live life to the fullest. I believe we are reverently and wonderfully made. I believe we are on an awakening path to remember that.

The essence and words of this book came from Nature, from walking a path, from listening, from the sun and moon, the wind and waves, the clouds and birds, the shifting sand and rocky soil – the light and the dark.

While I was sleeping one night, in 2014, I suddenly awakened to a message flying across the room that said, “Embrace the world with love words, and the world will be changed.”

At that time, I didn’t even know “which words” – but it became the title of this series. And what followed was this book, Vol. I – Awakening.


The book has recently been published in a HARDCOVER edition. It would be a wonderful gift for birthdays, holidays, special occasions or to give to someone you love who is living through a difficult time.

When we share love with the world through words, an energy ignites and unites our hearts together. 🕊

If you are interested in a copy, you will find it here in both hardcover and paperback: AWAKENING

With love,
Jane L. Fitzpatrick

Here are four excerpts from the hardcover and paperback editions of “Awakening”:

Share Creation’s Wonders with your Child

“The Grass Maiden, Sacajawea” children’s book —

Life shows us many things when we open our eyes, ears and heart. And, though we are easily awed by the beauty, there is a much greater purpose, a deeper, more important lesson, and a mystically-empowered consequence waiting for us to take the next step. Whether we know it or not, we are aligned with Creation. We are given the tools to show ourselves and others, how the Universe communicates.

Miracles bring us “awe” but what else do they bring us to share? Abundance brings us wealth, but what else does it bring us to share? A gift of nature brings us joy, but what else does it bring us to share? What are we missing when we walk right by the greatness, without paying it forward? Without sharing it with others? Without acknowledging our “Oneness” with it?

In the children’s book, The Grass Maiden, SACAJAWEA, we share the wonders of Creation that were personally given to us through the canvas of the sky. We believe we saw these clouds to affirm Sacajawea’s message and inspire our journey to bring it to the world. We have taken just a few of the masterpieces we’ve received over the years and incorporated them into the children’s book. It is our hope they will open a child’s eyes to the affirming love of creation.

Keep watching for the gifts and share the wonders of their beauty, for that is why we have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to feel. Always proclaim from the mountaintops the magnificent “One-ders” and “One-ness” of the earth!

Gift ideas – if you want to share these messages with the children in your life, please consider “The Grass Maiden, Sacajawea” collection including the book, T-shirts, pajamas, backpack, handmade doll, coloring book and the Sacajawea “Always Believe in Yourself” adventure mug for Christmas. ❤

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