Prayers for an Awakening

From the series: Embrace the World with Love Words, and the World will be Changed!

The Spirit Wind book series, VOL I, Awakening, has just been published in HARD COVER format. This book would make a wonderful gift for holidays, birthdays, or just to lift someone you love. If you are interested in a copy, please click here: AMAZON

HB P Awakening Cover FRONT


The essence and words of this book came from Nature, from walking a path, from listening, from the sun and moon, the wind and waves, the clouds and birds, the shifting sand and rocky soil – the light and the dark.

While I was sleeping one night, in 2014, I suddenly awakened to a message flying across the room that said, “Embrace the world with love words, and the world will be changed.”

At that time, I didn’t even know “which words” – but it became the title of this series. And what followed was this book, Vol. I – Awakening.

With love,
Jane L. Fitzpatrick

The expanded Hard Cover book includes additional words and photos. Here are four excerpts:

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