Crabtree – Pre-teen Mystery Adventure
Based on a Novel by Jane L. Fitzpatrick (WRITING SCRIPT)

Twelve-year-old Sam and his sister Mel have just moved to a backward, mountain town. No Internet, no cell service, no computer games and nowhere to go. Their artist dad has inherited a dilapidated farmhouse from his uncle. Unknown to them, they’ve also inherited a 20-year old curse that has devastated the town for generations. Sam and Mel are the keys to unlocking the mystery, but there are no guarantees they’ll see their way through the darkness. Even the “NOW” can be stuck in time.

“It was like entering into a different world – one where there were only shadows and vibrating sounds coming from mysterious, hidden corners.” ~Sam

Crabtree is my second book and it will be my third screenplay. Crabtree is a mystery/adventure about a brother and sister who are called to walk into the darkness TO BE the light. It is about making the right choices in life, it is about writing your own Chapters, it is about loving unconditionally to help others.

~ Jane L. Fitzpatrick

Oranias was not bound,
By the thoughts of man,
She wore her crown above.
Her wind was Strength,
Her rain was Truth…
Oranias, the Goddess of Love.


First Cliff poster

First Cliff – A Coming-of-Age Children’s Drama (TREATMENT)

A pivotal change from Friday night frozen fish sticks and tartar sauce to fresh Atlantic lobster and drawn butter…

Fearful, a teenaged boy is “sentenced” to a summer on the New England coast. It becomes an extraordinary time of his life filled with unexpected encounters and new discoveries as he nearly dies on this right-of-passage.


Mountain Man poster 2020

Mountain Man – Romantic Thriller by Matthew and Jane Fitzpatrick (TREATMENT)

Sometimes the top has a distorted view, but coming back to love is where you see forever.