Feather MaskThese masks are both serviceable and decorative. They help us, and our loved ones, to stay safe and keep others safe from airborne droplets that could infect. While these masks are not intended for clinical or healthcare workers, they are very suitable as personal protection along with distancing guidelines.

These lined, washable masks are reusable and have a bendable adjustment to form lightly around the nose. With the flexible elastic ear adjustment, they will fit pre-teen to adult. The fabric used is 100% cotton with a plain cotton lining. Please note, print designs vary and may not be exactly like the photo though they will retain the theme.

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This Collection of products is specifically focused on healing the spirit, mind and body. Our fabric rice bags are suitable for targeted hot or cold therapy. They are made using cotton plain, print or tie-dyed fabrics (designs may vary from photo) and you can select your preferred color scheme.

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